Jovana Daljević

Hi! I am Innovation Runner.

I was born and raised in a vibrant city of Belgrade, but my eagerness to learn and challenge myself took me on learning journeys around the globe, from the USA and Norway, all the way to Thailand.

In 2016, through an intense and inspiring workshop facilitated by LiveWork studio experts I got introduced to Service Design, fell in love with human-oriented approach to challenge-solving and never looked back.

Since then I have worked on diverse projects, spanning from managing a co-working space and taking care of a community of 100 people, designing and testing digital solution for children refugees, to developing the Blockchain use-case with a focus on online identity, and writing about children development for Novak Djokovic Foundation blog.

Along the way, I practiced the art of listening to people’s needs, and testing the assumptions early. I learned to put aside my own biases and look at things from various different perspectives.

Now I am back in my hometown, eager to combine my passion with acquired hands-on experience in the innovation-driven environments and take an active role in creatively shaping the business of tomorrow.

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