We run design-driven experiences your teams will never forget.

Solving a business challenge can be quite a journey exciting, worrying, tiring, and inspiring. 

Many projects can take months to even get started. Losing sight of the end-goal and not seeing the immediate results can drain and demotivate teams and seriously affect project deliverables. 

Running an innovation project requires team’s full commitment, focus, and a splash of creativity.

Science teaches us that one way to supercharge our cognitive performance and focus is through physical activity. We believe that being active gets the creative juices flowing, too. 

Having all of the above in mind, we designed the mindXperience.

Creativity and focus meet outside of our own comfort bubbles.

mindXperience is a few-day immersive challenge-solving journey aimed to empower teams to co-create business solutions, far away from everyday distractions. Surrounded by inspiring nature, teams are guided through an intense sprint process and encouraged to design actionable innovation through collaboration. 

mindXperience does not only challenge the mind but also the body by involving diverse daily physical activities. We were born and raised in Serbia, so the taste of local cuisine and culture is all part of the package.

Who is it for?

Teams who need to solve business challenges and test their ideas fast.


In a peaceful nature-surrounded place in Serbia, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Through an intense design sprint inspired process/workshops,  topped up with diverse physical activities – spanning from morning runs, and yoga classes to dancing and rock climbing. 

Be among the first ones to discover what one mindXperience can do for your team and your business.


We brainstormed about starting the mindsetters for months. We would get very excited about it, but our 9-5 jobs, student lives and lack of courage got in the way and kept our idea locked in the drawer. There was always that one meeting we had to attend, e-mails to respond to, one more exam to pass…

One day we were having a mind storming coffee date when we finally decided to follow our entrepreneurial vision and booked the late September trip to Greece to run a half-marathon. Only when we closed the doors of our study rooms and escaped to nature we felt that we were finally able to fully immerse ourselves in the creative process and focus on developing our idea further.

So we decided to go through a Design Sprint ourselves. With a spectacular view of the sea, we would run in the mornings, go through a Design Sprint in the afternoons and taking swimming breaks in between. What came out of it was our positioning strategy which marked the beginning of our mindsetters journey. And that is how we finally got our idea off the ground.