About Us


We are keen on creating bold ideas and turning them into innovative concepts, experiences, campaigns, and business solutions that speak to people and are good for the business.

The idea of embarking on our very own entrepreneurial journey was sealed over one dinner in Hard Rock Cafe in Oslo. But it did not happen overnight. We had numerous mind storming sessions aimed at finding the best way to combine our knowledge, experience, and passion for creatively shaping the business of tomorrow, and put them into practice. A few months later, we quit our jobs and traveled to Corfu island to run a half-marathon, escape to nature and focus on further developing our idea, far away from the everyday distractions. We did not only run a 21K but one inspiring and challenging Design Sprint as well, that helped us pave our entrepreneurial path. That is when we jumped on the mindsetters rollercoaster. And never looked back.


We are good storytellers, but we rather do than tell. Mindsetters let you experience the innovation process first-hand. And that is how we set your minds right – through action.

Our Team.

Forward-thinking young professionals who bring a fresh perspective on traditional ways of doing business, turning the new insights into actionable ideas that will help you thrive.

Milena Grujić

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Creative Strategist experienced in creative business development for startups, communicating with the C-suite, tech events and corporate innovation conferences organization, networking, storytelling.

Jovana Daljević

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Innovation runner experienced in working in multidisciplinary teams, service design thinking, workshop facilitation, creative writing, social innovation, and running – both Design Sprints and half-marathons.