Milena Grujić

Hi! I am Creative Strategist.

If I had followed my formal education, I would introduce myself now as a journalist. If we had met during high school, you would probably think I should be an actress. If a time machine could take us to my elementary school, you would say that I was a future Judit Polgar, because my chess career seemed promising.

However, I am so glad we meet each other at this very moment, as all these past experiences shaped me as a person I am today – a curious entrepreneur with many hobbies, big plans for the future and someone who enjoys the ideation process.

During my studies, I have participated in many different projects, which sparked my interest in corporate-startup collaboration and led to landing a job in the playground of innovation. That dynamic environment suited my temper and personality perfectly. Working in the Serbian epicenter for corporate innovation, I got closer to corporations, learned what challenges they face and started thinking about how these challenges could be reframed as opportunities for growth. That is when I started exploring how big corporations innovate around the globe and how to make a mindset shift and unlock creativity.

I think these few paragraphs do not leave enough space for getting to know each other and if I am not immersed in a creative process and exploring new opportunities for businesses, you will find me dancing, hiking, running or playing chess. And I always make time for mind storming, but I like to do it through play. So…let’s play!

Let’s get in touch: