Translating the needs of people and businesses into innovative concepts, experiences, business solutions, or campaigns and validating their innovation potential through iterative experimentation and constant user feedback.

We help you design your business of tomorrow by working in three areas:

1. New Business Perspective

Value Proposition Design

Discovering and designing your value proposition – what your business stands for, what makes your offering unique, sets you apart from the competition, and what you promise to deliver to the customers.

Creative Business Development

Evaluating the current business model, mapping out the business challenges, and discovering opportunities for growth – let it be a new market, product, service, or a process.

Generating and testing new business ideas

Helping you come up with and test new business ideas before you invest the resources and jump into implementation.

Our favorite and preferred approach to testing business ideas is by running Design Sprints.

The Design Sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers. You could end up proving the value of your idea and receiving positive feedback. Or you could end up proving your assumptions are totally wrong. In both cases, by the end of the sprint, you will get valuable insights that will serve as the base for making an informed business decision.

2. Empowering organization from within

Strong teams are at the core of successful businesses. We help you empower your organization from withing by facilitating workshops, training and designing unique programs for your teams.

Building an innovation-ready culture

Internal Communication and Process Design

Employee Experience

Remote Work Design

3. Customer Engagement Design

Customer expectations in the experience economy have leveled up. We support businesses level up their customer engagement game by building long-lasting relationships with their customers, co-designing brand and communication strategies, and creating engaging experiences, and creative campaigns aligned with the business goals.


Customer Relationship Design

Engaging Events and Experience organization

Brand Stories and Communication Design

CSR projects

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